January 21, 2009

Novelty from Russia. Hooligun PCP air gun

note: English translation provided by automated translation service. Original news posted on Russian HERE

Hooligun users short review:

Helping companions from there was at me for some time a correct Hooligan. The rifle is a little second-hand, insignificant differences from a rifle delivered with factory therefore are possible. Since I already had possibility to communicate with PCP foreign manufacture I will compare to them, instead of with its analogues of the Russian manufacture.

And here here a photo for visual comparison of dimensions... The Hooligan is really compact

ТТC the manufacturer and the passport on a rifle here http://www.airgunlib.ru/page.php? id=587 http://www.airgunlib.ru/page.php?id=587

How many costs and how to buy here http://talks.guns.ru/forummessage/25/358902.html

At the first sight of type from apart the Hooligan makes pleasant impression. I.e. the strong unit, all knots and details are located in a proper place and the most important advantage - surprising compactness, for the person who has got used to carbines and rifles.
We take in hands and at once there is a strange feeling. Precisely! It is possible at all reading inscriptions unmistakably to tell that the Hooligan is made in Rossii:ja even has put and has written on it . I.e. all is made accurately and correctly, but external processing of surfaces and it it is difficult to confuse with AirArms or even BAM: in the general external processing at level of Izhevsk production.
However it it is impossible to consider as a lack, after all all Kalashnikov's favourite automatic machine too not блещет accuracy of processing external sides :у it other . And at the Hooligan другая:однако nevertheless is a pity that for small money of aesthetic satisfaction to receive it will turn out.
So, we take a rifle in hands and we press a cheek to a box to look in an optical sight, and in a second we pull a head in the opposite direction. The rifle has been brought from street, and there all plus one. To a cheek it is coldly simple as, and the form ствольной a box does not assume convenient placing of a cheek on it. Мда:с these should do something, in such variant obviously not for winter shooting.
The rifle on sensations (and under the passport) heavy enough, however thanks to configuration of bul-daddies to keep it is easy and simple. In the right-is left it .
The butt is made of a beech and impregnated by oil. Practical enough decision since scratches practically do not appear and if have appeared always it is possible to correct. Here the form of a butt and its style are dictated by the "know-how". I.e. all is made qualitatively, but looks cheaply and of a homemade product. Have made on the machine tool preparation, have processed a file, then наждачкой and type all. There is no sensation of manufacture, for example as in AirArms or even Gamo. On the other hand the given piece of wood coincides with the general style of manufacturing - the working machine and a vertex of angle is put only a practicality without trick everyone there. Personally it is not pleasant to me - there is no aesthetic pleasure at deduction.
Now we put a palm on the handle. On it there is a cut under a forefinger - . Is better it at all would not do or have made in a proper place and is wider. under the left hand too has not caused delight - probably it is necessary to get used. And here if we take AirArms in hands to get to the bottom simply there is nothing, hands find a proper place and accustoming it is not required. I am dissatisfied with a piece of wood of the Hooligan, many masters from our forum do in 10 times better (the truth sometimes and in 10 times is more expensive).
Well ergonomics have felt, now we will look as works. We lift the shutter handle upwards and it automatically jumps aside a little back. At return action it is necessary to overcome small effort and to lower the handle, which заскакивает a small groove. It very much a buzzing and for reliability of deduction of a shutter in the closed position it is possible not to worry.
Now we open a shutter and we pull it back before statement on a fighting platoon. The effort of a platoon does not strain also comfortable enough. That the open shutter did not leave forward, preventing to charge a rifle, in a groove boxes is established springed a ball which keeps a shutter in open position. Type offset.
Shutter hermetic sealing is made by two rubber rings which are established on most shutter. The given decision is the most simple on execution and from practice much less hardy than when the sealing ring is established in a state part of a trunk, and itself shutter absolutely smooth (type as on AirArms, FX, etc.). We will consider that consolidation on shutter the Hooligan to replace easier, though in it at me doubt.
The moderator on a trunk of the Hooligan fastens four secret screws. I have paid to this attention not casually - the moderator cannot be removed without removing a trunk. I.e. will clean a trunk not so conveniently. At AirArms too the moderator does not act in film and too it is not so convenient to clean a trunk, but in AirArmse it integrated, and in the Hooligan is not present and consequently it was possible to think up other fastening of a moderator. The sound of a shot of the Hooligan is comfortable enough even indoors - the roar is not present, but also absolutely silent it is impossible to name. In the street the situation varies - simply silent <чпок>. On a photo it is visible that to turn off the moderator screw stirs the tank... And as do not twist it at installation, but something will disturb to any

Very much the safety lock of the Hooligan was pleasant. It is located in a correct place, it is convenient to use and accurately works. At desire to shoot, you will not forget to remove from a safety lock since when will put a finger on СК the lifted shoulder of a safety lock to you will disturb a little. As soon as have pressed a shoulder already disturbs nothing and it is possible to shoot.
The rifle through cross-section port which is in manometre area refuels. The refuelling aperture is protected by a carving casing. Having twisted a casing for refuelling to lose it it is impossible since up to the end to remove it without assorting a rifle it is impossible. Very practical and correct decision which allows to avoid dirt hit in a refuelling aperture at rifle operation.
Conclusion - in my opinion, simple, working without claims for originality and exlusive - type same as well as МР-512, in good sense of this word.
To do some shooting on a good distance while there is no possibility. For experience make one shot in wood 20 mm from 4 metres. Has punched on a start - an entrance aperture small on calibre, and on an exit has beaten out a circle about a one dollar coin.


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Onde posso comprar uma dessas?

keeper73 said...

Miráis la referencia al foro ruso

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prWhere can I buy one?

keeper73 said...

Please, contact with moderator on this forum http://edgun.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=2717
He is PCP guns supplier in USA